The Great British Chilli documentary

Final trailer for The Great British Chilli.

The premiere at La Nacional was a big success, introduced by food writer Andrew Smith with chile and chocolate expert Maricel Presilla, author of Peppers of the Americas, doing a fantastic overview of the history of how peppers migrated into the cuisines of the world.

In the late 90’s, I was somewhat obsessed with chillies, cooking with them, reading about them, and making paintings about them, the hundreds of varieties with their different shapes and colours. Slightly less obsessed but still love them, I still make new chile paintings and hope to do an entire exhibition of them at one point.

This is the first trailer for my new documentary “The Great British Chilli” that will talk about the influences chillies and spicy foods have had on food in the UK, and how it all reflects  changes in British cuisine and eating habits over the last couple of decades.

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