The Glasgow Diet online

“The Glasgow Diet” is Zev Robinson’s engaging, sometimes funny, sometimes poignant 37 minute documentary about the evolution of food from the city’s industrial past through the post industrial decline and present day resurgence. Interviewees share memories of homemade soups their mothers and grandmothers once made and how that disappeared with the advent of supermarket culture, while examining efforts to once again promote local, fresh food from independent producers. 

With the Coronavirus crisis, those efforts are suddenly under threat. Local restaurants at the core of the food scene have had to close, and the farmers, producers and wholesalers that supplied them have seen sales plummet. Organisations and food banks that provide food and warm meals, not to mention social engagement and a sense of community for local residents are now operating under even harder conditions with partial or complete shut downs and little by way of food donations. 

After two recently sold out screenings, the film can now be seen online at for £2.30 + VAT.

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