Feeding the City

In 2020, I had been working on Why We Eat the Food We Eat, about the history of American and British food, but then ran out of archival material and the lockdown meant I couldn’t do any filming of my own. So after a dozen years of working on food documentaries non-stop, I thought I’d take a break and focus on my on again, off again art history project, The Art and Politics of Painting.

Then, in the spring of this year, the University of Glasgow Food Sovereignty Network approached me to do another documentary, Feeding the City (all trailers here), to be completed by September in time for the Glasgow Science Festival, so once again I had to drop my art history project, and by late summer with the deadline looming, my painting and social life and just about everything else.

At the same time, as things started opening up, live screenings were on again, starting with The Glasgow Diet at The Stove in Dumfries, then Feeding the City at the Science Festival, at the University of Glasgow and, along with The Glasgow Diet as part of the COP26 fringe, as well as a recent online viewing-presentation in collaboration with the UofG FSN, IFSTAL and CDT

Both Feeding the City and the Glasgow Diet can be streamed here for the price of a coffee: https://zevrobinson.gumroad.com/l/XatRa

The premiere of Real Bread Bakers was cancelled just before the first lockdown but in collaboration with Scotland the Bread, a number of screenings in various cities across the UK are being organised. I’m an artist in residence with the Food Sovereignty Network, and more projects are being planned as part of that. All assuming that things go fairly well from here on in. Let’s hope for the best.

Real Bread Bakers can be streamed here: https://zevrobinson.gumroad.com/l/psrqH

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