The Glasgow Diet

Premiering 6pm, November 24, 2019 at the CCA, Glasgow.
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Like most of my other docs, The Glasgow Diet examines local food, supply chains, and quality, but it is the first to so with the context of an urban environment, and so also touches on the the issues such as food poverty that form part of the city’s complex history.

I came across so many stories that one film was not enough to cover it all, so I plan to do one two or more follow ups in 2020 starting with Growing Glasgow, about efforts for the city to become more self-reliant and healthier through urban food gardens and allotments. 

The CCA screening on November 24 will be followed by a discussion with some of the interviewees including Scott Erwin of Greencity Wholefoods, Reuben Chesters of Locavore and Annie Morgan of the Govan Community Project. There will also be representatives of Slow Food Glasgow, the Glasgow Community Food Network, and other organisations joining the conversation. 

Should anyone wish to spread the word, the jpg below can be used, or a .pdf of the flyer can be downloaded here and emailed or printed up. 

Glasgow Diet at CCA 2019 cropped 2000w

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2 Responses to The Glasgow Diet

  1. Anne Lindsay says:

    Thank you for coming to Dumfries with The Glasgow Diet. The film, and the discussion afterwards, have stayed with me, and brought to mind the maxim: ‘the personal is political’ — the choices we make, as we shop for food, cook, and eat are profound. The ways in which decisions of governments and big business impact food supply, food quality and food cost is another matter. The poor have fewer choices. Add to this the impact of climate change on agriculture — the knowns and the unknowns. It’s a complex mix.

    On a lighter note — I enjoyed browsing your art this morning!

    Maybe we’ll meet again? COP26.

    • zevr says:

      Sorry, Anne, I just read this now, there was a screening at The Stove a week or two ago, and another being planned in August or September, plus screenings at Locavore in Glasgow as well. Many thanks for the comments.

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